(Formerly known as Qianlong Technology International Holdings Ltd.)
(Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability)

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Agriculture is the most fundamental element that underpins the integrity of any country. The Company is a rural market-based company that integrates financial services, agricultural product trading, information, industry and science research. The direction of development for its principal business is rural finance, agricultural product trading, urbanization planning, operating and managing and hightech information technology, etc. These directives are fully implemented to accommodate China's strategic goal of vigorously developing large-scale agriculture and a new model of urbanization.

Hebei Supply and Marketing Cooperative made an equity investment in the Company through its subsidiary, Parko (Hong Kong) Ltd. ("Parko") in November 2013. Hebei Supply and Marketing Cooperative, is one of the largest integrated agricultural economic and trade service providers in China. Its business covers conventional agricultural means of production, cotton and salt industries as well as new areas of development including development of county town commercial complexes, e-commerce and the rural financial industry, providing comprehensive and integrated agriculture, economic and trade services.

The Company aims to develop the rural economy, improve the living standard of farmers, rural education and culture levels as well as minimize extreme income inequality in city towns by means of rural finance, agricultural product trading, urbanization planning, operating and managing and development of the high-tech IT industry. Being the only overseas-listed capital platform, the Company will leverage the two newly established financial platforms (the cash settlement platform established in collaboration with Guangzhou UnionPay Network and the agri-related exchange platform established together with Guangzhou Exchange Group) to work in tandem with cooperatives in its reform plans, to integrate and upgrade the industry chain of agri-related transactions step by step, and to conduct mergers and acquisitions of high quality enterprises which are primarily engaged in agri-related businesses. Riding on the sound system of integrated supply, marketing of cooperatives and the resource integration of its logistics networks, the Group enjoys a unique competitive edge in attracting strong enterprises for the forging of cooperation, which will undoubtedly bring forth synergy for all parties involved.

updated as per 2015 Annual Report

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